How We Came to Get Another Blogger

Scott Burgess emailed me a week or two ago, and asked if I'd like to write something for his excellent blog.

Boy, would I.

But - I barely have time enough to keep up my own blog. So I countered his offer: "How'd you like to write whatever, whenever, for my blog?" Scott, obviously drunk, agreed.

So here's the new deal on VodkaPundit.

Almost every day, except when I feel like taking off for a month without an explanation, I'll be posting the usual assortment of oddball links, smart-ass remarks, and oooh-look-how-smart-I-think-I-am newspaper-type columns.

Will Collier, aerospace engineer, Auburn fan, and generally way-cool guy, will continue to do what he does. What Will does is pop in on occassion and demonstrate to the world that he's a lot smarter and funnier than I am.

Scott Burgess, the American ex-pat in London, says he'll post something on Fridays. Something smart and oh-so-slightly-inebriated about the State of the MSM in Britain. Of course, once he discovers I don't care what he writes, how often he writes, or how much he links back to his own (excellent) blog... well, I think we'll be seeing more of Scott around here. Which is a shame, because he'll probably do the same thing to me Will does.

Anyway, welcome aboard, Scott. If yesterday's post was any indication, you're well on your way to showing me up for the half-assed blogger I've always been.